Delivery & Returns

RM10 for west Malaysia.
RM15 for east Malaysia.
You will receive it within 10-15 working days after order and payment is made. Order processing time is included in the delivery period. (Longer delivery period will occur during hectic seasons/pandemic(MCO), customers will be notified as well)
下单汇款后你会在10-15工作天内能收到货。订单处理时间也包括在邮寄时间。(在繁忙的季节/疫情期间(MCO) 邮寄期间将会延长,我们也会通知顾客)
We are using J&T, DHL or City Link.
我们是使用J&T, DHL 或 City Link。
You can easily track & trace your parcel at
你可以在 检查包裹的行踪。

Tracking details will appear within 1 working day (Sometimes they need some time to key in the details into their system)

You are required to track your parcel with the tracking number for any updates, instead of expecting a phone call or delivery notice(paper) to be placed on your doorstep.

Take note that if customer has yet to receive the parcel within 3-5 working days, they are required to make a phone call to J&T to ensure the parcel’s status.
Unfortunately, we don’t. We deliver to all residential and commercial addresses.
You need to make a phone call to courier company to arrange for another delivery or pick up at the courier outlet.

If the parcel has returned to us, you are required to pay RM10 for redelivery.
- Product has any damage. (Please inform & provide us the proof of photo within 5 working days after parcel is received)
- 衣服/产品有破损。(收到包裹后,请在5工作天内通知和提供我们照片)

- Received the wrong parcel / order
- 收到错的包裹/订单。

** We will bear the delivery fee as well
** 我们会承担邮费。
- Products must be delivered back to us within 5 days for any exchange/refund after receiving (based on citylink tracking details)
- 收到后请在5工作天内把包裹寄回给我们,以方便跟换或退款(根据单号资料的收到日期)

Customers are not allowed for size changing / minor issues after order has posted out :
- Our tees are based on unisex cutting, so size accuracy may vary (slight difference only, no worries)
- 我们的衣服cutting是没分男女的,每个尺寸会有差异(只是稍微而已)
- Do take note that different colored tees may have slight difference on cutting/size accuracy.
- 不同的颜色衣服会有尺/cutting寸差异。
- Adults & Kids tee have slight difference on colors.
- 大人和小孩稍微有颜色差异。
- Our tees are fully cotton, so it may slightly shrink after washing.
- 我们的衣服是纯棉布料,第一清洗会稍微缩小一点。
- Due to pure cotton material, our white tees may have slight transparency. Customers who are particular regarding this issue are encouraged to choose colored tees instead.
- 由于纯棉关系,白衣稍微有点透,如果个人对于这个因素比较介意的话,我们建议你选购颜色衣服。
- Minor color run > Printed design / tee color will have 90% - 95% color similarity (shown on screen)
- 印刷/衣服颜色和屏幕显示的颜色具有90-95%的相似度。
- Minor flaws such as loose threads, sewing thread finishing, scratches, or slight stains which are unobvious under normal lighting, slight assymetry, slight misalignment of seams and 'defects' that do not affect the general outlook of the product will not be considered as defects, and hence, are not eligible for exchange/refund.
- 轻微的瑕疵,如:松动的线、缝工的收口、划痕、不明显的污渍等不影响产品整体的外观,将不被视为瑕疵,因此不能跟换/退款。
- First wash on newly received products (may) experience color run, but will not affect the product’s overall look.
- 衣物第一次可能会稍微褪色,但拼不会影响衣服整体外观。
- Do not wash using concentrated detergent or hot water. Cold wash is recommended.
- 不要使用浓缩洗衣液/漂白液或热水洗衣物。

- Do not use tumble dryer as this may ruined/ spoiled the printing of the design, kindly let the tees to hang dry naturally.
- 不要使用烘干机来烘干衣物,这样会破坏设计的印刷,建议让衣物自然晾干。

- Do not iron , if it is a must, iron inside-out on the lowest temperature, please avoid iron directly on the design printing.
- 不要熨烫,如果有必要,把熨斗温度调至最低由内向外熨烫,请避免直接熨烫在设计表面。