CNY 小牛B . PILLOW (抱枕)-1pc

pre-order: receive within 12-18 working days
RM39.00 RM69.00

一年一度の "潮牛" 新年系列出炉啦!🐮: 来介绍大家偶们の【小牛B】! 这次还有新品 牛年抱枕 呢! 还 附送红包 & 姓名定制 !✌

别犹豫了!趁【年终优惠】扫货!牛年一起 HUAT AH! 😂 *家庭装不用烦!大人小孩衣都有哟~
2 种 Style 让你任选 - 比较稀饭 小白牛 还是 小褐牛 呢?🥰 (能配上你要 customize 的 姓名 / 名字 (也能放英文名哟~ ❤

虽然差不多整年都处于着MCO的状态~ 别难过! 😔 让【小牛B】带着大家一起 #冲喜 一下 ✌😍 让好运全部都到来 ✨ byeMCO ~ #华人 怎样都要过年的嘛~ 当然少不了最重要の 新年衣 !
**也当然希望大家现在配合遵守SOP, 别让Covid打赢我们!😭
product details:
- dimension / size: around 28cm (w) x 30cm (h)

product maintenance:
- Do not wash using concentrated detergent or hot water. Cold wash is recommended.
- 不要使用浓缩洗衣液/漂白液或热水洗枕头。

- Do not use tumble dryer as this may ruined/ spoiled the printing of the design, kindly let the pillow to hang dry naturally.
- 不要使用烘干机来烘干枕头,这样会破坏设计的印刷,建议让抱枕自然晾干。

- You will receive it within 12-18 working days after order and payment is made. Order processing time is included in the delivery period. (Longer delivery period will occur during hectic seasons, customers will be notified as well)
- 下单汇款后你会在12-18工作天内能收到货。订单处理时间也包括在邮寄时间。(在繁忙的季节邮寄期间将会延长,我们也会通知顾客)

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