love steps . 恋爱印迹 (booklet bundle set)

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RM79.00 RM149.00

热卖の 韩系风【恋爱印迹】有新周边啦!😍
除了情侣衣,现在也有【情侣小册+卡片】 每样 免费定制! 显得【独一无二】
【原创 . 画】- 每个款式都是自己亲手绘画的~ 每张图都描述了情侣间的一点一滴 -【爱】的意义 ! ~ 希望大家喜欢哦!

Bundle set includes // 配套包含:
1 booklet // 1本小册 ** size: 21cm (w) x 13cm (h)
1 set of postcards (13pcs) // 1套卡片 (13张)**size: 10cm (w) x 7cm (h)

Booklet :
How to order / 如何下单?
provide us your BF / GF’s name & the year you guys started dating
提供我们 你和TA的名字 & 在一起的年份
provide us a love sentence for your loved one
提供我们一句想给 对方的话
[ Send to email : ]
16 photos (landscape format) / 16 张照片(打横格式)
32 photos (potrait/square format) / 32 张照片(打直/正方格式)
product details:

booklet :
- premium printing (高级印刷,颜色绝对美美哒 !)
- perfect bind finishing

- You will receive it within 10-15 working days after order and payment is made. Order processing time is included in the delivery period. (Longer delivery period will occur during hectic seasons, customers will be notified as well)
- 下单汇款后你会在10-15工作天内能收到货。订单处理时间也包括在邮寄时间。(在繁忙的季节邮寄期间将会延长,我们也会通知顾客)

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