unicorn sticker

all designs are copyrighted by pixieclo

踏进 粉色世界,探索你の【少女之心】💕
小小就梦幻自己是 小公主, 大爱 Hello Kitty & Melody, 也当然少不了【独角兽】🤭


【UNICORN小帖纸】 - 1套包含10张
喜欢收集贴纸的你,一定要1套呀 ~
product details:
- Full die cut stickers
- 10 pcs (All designs)

- You will receive it within 10-15 working days after order and payment is made. Order processing time is included in the delivery period. (Longer delivery period will occur during hectic seasons, customers will be notified as well)
- 下单汇款后你会在10-15工作天内能收到货。订单处理时间也包括在邮寄时间。(在繁忙的季节邮寄期间将会延长,我们也会通知顾客)

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