Your ELEGANCE . Rose Gold (Korean Interlock Oversized - 2pcs)

Korean Interlock Oversized Cutting (220gsm)
RM258.00 RM316.00

Oppa, Unnie 们! 介绍你【Your #ELEGANCE】- 韩风 Number Tee +《#玫瑰金 . Rose Gold》印刷!有没有帅帅 + 高档の #Feel 呢~ 😎

#韩系风 主题 配上 Rose Gold 印刷 是不是 很 #elegant 呢? *有木有BLACKPINK feel 哈哈哈~ (不只女生会稀饭,连男生都会大爱! 呵呵 ~ 🤩


【韩系风 . Number Tee】
这次的系列其实还蛮特别的~ 怎么说呢?
1. 特别找到 韩国运来的 Rose Gold (玫瑰金) Printing
2. 特别找到 Korean Interlock Quality (从韩国的一名厂家)
3. 特别带回 以前很流行的 Number Tee Trend
4. 特别设计 的 韩系风 Streetwear !

((希望大家喜欢,也来支持下哦~ 更别忘分享给喜欢【玫瑰金】色系的朋友呗 😙

// Customize Your #ELEGANCE //

👉 免费 加名 + 号码
👉 烫金 (玫瑰金 / Rose Gold) **NEW
👉 Korean Interlock Quality - #潮牌布料 (Premium)
👉 Standard + Oversized Cutting - #更多选择
product details:
Bundle set includes 2 t-shirts.

- premium interlock布料
- oversized tee cutting
- may slightly shrink after washing (第一清洗会稍微缩小一点)

product maintenance:
- Do not wash using concentrated detergent or hot water. Cold wash is recommended.
- 不要使用浓缩洗衣液/漂白液或热水洗衣物。

- Do not use tumble dryer as this may ruined/ spoiled the printing of the design, kindly let the tees to hang dry naturally.
- 不要使用烘干机来烘干衣物,这样会破坏设计的印刷,建议让衣物自然晾干。

- Do not iron , if it is a must, iron inside-out on the lowest temperature, please avoid iron directly on the design printing.
- 不要熨烫,如果有必要,把熨斗温度调至最低由内向外熨烫,请避免直接熨烫在设计表面。

- You will receive it within 10-15 working days after order and payment is made. Order processing time is included in the delivery period. (Longer delivery period will occur during hectic seasons, customers will be notified as well)
- 下单汇款后你会在10-15工作天内能收到货。订单处理时间也包括在邮寄时间。(在繁忙的季节邮寄期间将会延长,我们也会通知顾客)

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